Queen Angelic White Nail Mask Therapy FAQ

  1. When is the best time to use this product?
    Immediately after soak off of gel/acrylic product and after removal of nail polish on the nails. The nail plates are badly dehydrated by the soak off solution and polish remover.
  2. How often should I use?
    Recommended 1 to ­2 times weekly on natural nails if you are not wearing any polishes. This is helps to restore weak nails and maintain healthy nails. For salon goers, use this Angelic White Nail Mask therapy after every soak off, before new coat of gel/nail polish.
  3. Is it suitable for pregnant woman and children?
    Yes, there is no harmful ingredient in this range of product. It is suitable for young children and pregnant woman.
  4. Can I use the nail mask therapy before gel polish or nail polish?
    Yes, of course. It is always best to treat your nail with nutrients before applications of polishes. This way, your nails are kept healthy and the polishes will stay chip­free.
  5. Why is this product safe?
    We used food grade ingredient like Avocado and Green Tea extract in the vitamin serum. Honey and Oat in the nail mask and Keratin Protein plus Collagen in the Keratin Essence. This product is also Paraben free.
  6. How long does the Angelic White nail mask treatment takes?
    3 easy steps of application and it will only take about 10 mins.

  7. Is it only available in nail salon?
    This is a professional nail treatment product. Yes, at this time, it is only available in the nail salon. However, you may buy the product for home care treatment


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