Cuccio DetoX soak - DetoXsoak tablet 6.3 oz ( Foot Soak )

Cuccio DetoX soak - DetoXsoak tablet 6.3 oz ( Foot Soak )

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Product Weight: 0.2 kg

Each packet contain 1 tablet 6.3oz 

About the product

  • Soften and hydrates dry calluses
  • Relieves stress and elevates mood
  • Herbal, detox foot soak

Cuccio detox soak tablet is a soothing and refreshing new stand alone or add-on foot soak service. The soak contains Citrus Aurantium Amara Peel to soothe and refresh skin as well as magnesium sulfate to naturally detox and cleanse the feet. Simply add a DetoXSoak Magnesium Sulfate packet and tablet to a warm water foot bath and allow the client to soak for 15 minutes to help soothe and de-stress.



STEP 1 : Fill foot bath with warm water, open detoxsoak™ packet.

Add small packet of magnesium sulfate crystals to water

STEP 2 : Add large detoxsoak™ tablet to water.

STEP 3 : Place feet in herbal detoxsoak™ treatment soak for 15 minutes. When finished with soak, rinse off legs and feet then proceed to towel dry.



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