Cuccio Dry Body Oil 100ml Milk and Honey

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Feel the beauty of soft, hydrated skin with Cuccio Dry Body Oil.

A pure, lightweight dry body oil absorbs faster with greater hydration and no oily residue.

A NEW Kind of Hydration! 


Of all the Cuccio Naturalé products ever produced, the Dry Body Oil is a truly genius!

Dry Body Oils are trending worldwide and the category is growing fast!


What is a dry body oil? 

A dry body oil is a hydrating oil that can absorb into the skin quickly without leaving an oily or sticky residue.


The technology behind Cuccio Naturalé Dry Body Oil. 

We use natural sunflower oil that has been winterized, a process that freezes the oil allowing any excess fat and waxes to be extracted.

This creates a lightweight oil with amazing hydration properties.


Other ingredients 

Lightweight jojoba oil and vitamin E for added hydration

Addition of essentials for extra skin benefits.



Add to any lotion or butter to add extra hydration and longer massage time in manicure and pedicure services.

Works great after a shower or bath to add and keep hydration in the skin.

Use directly on dry skin for immediate soft hydration.



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